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Aged Care Project Information

Aim of Project

Develop sustainable strategies for specialist palliative care services in the Southern Metropolitan Region to support Residential Aged Care Facilities to meet the needs of residents in a palliative approach to care.


The SMRPCC Aged Care Project was commenced in 2010 when the consortium allocated resources to promote activities across the region to support ACF's in implementing a palliative approach to care.

The project is further supported by State Government funding allocated to the Consortia to support Aged Care Facilities in line with Strategic direction 3: Working together to ensure people die in their place of choice Strengthening palliative care; Policy and strategic directions 2011-2015 Implementation strategy

Advisory Group

An Advisory Committee was established in the initial stages of the project . Members included key stakeholders from Aged Care Facility Providers (Public and Private) Peak Bodies and Specialist Palliative Care Providers. This committee contributed for over 3 years to the project and provided direction and development of the model with combined sharing of experience, knowledge and skills. Over the life of the Advisory Group there were several changes of membership due to attrition and changing needs and we acknowledge the contribution that these members made in steering the project.

Project Worker

Tanja Bahro

Tanja's contact details are: email. tel. 0447 475 582

The Model

The Palliative Approach Toolkit was developed by the QUT/Blue Cross Research and Development Unit through DOHA funding under the Evidence Based Practice in RAC round of funding. This initial project was completed in 2010.The toolkit aligns with current evidence based material and provides a framework for implementation of a palliative approach in RAC. (See link below to Deb Parker's presentation).

SMRPCC identified the value of the Toolkit as a framework for ACF's to implement a Palliative Approach and collaboration with QUT/Brisbane South Palliative Care Services Managers provided training for Link Nurses from 23 facilities across the Southern Region in October 2012.

In 2012 Brisbane South Palliative Care Collaborative received DOHA Funding to 'roll out' the Palliative Toolkit Nationally to 1,000 facilities and this rollout commenced in Victoria in October 2013. The SMRPCC offerred further training across the region and 52 facilities attended this training. Overall the Consortium has supported training for 71 facilities across the region.

The key to success for implementation is identifying and training Aged Care Link Nurses who have a role of influencing and driving change within RACFs, alongside supportive Management, to imbed processes that support a palliative approach to care.